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Allianz Blueprint

This blueprint outlines the 3 building blocks for smartMonday’s super offering for Allianz - Investments, Fees and Insurance.

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Let's start with our solid foundation

Putting you first.

At smartMonday we’re not a bank, or a union - we put members first, aiming to make today the start of a fitter financial future for you.


Did you know


of your ordinary time earnings* must be contributed to your super by your employer

*may include bonuses, commissions, allowances and some paid leave.

Did you know

1 in 10

with nearly one in ten of every working dollar you earn going to your super - you want to be confident that money is working hard for you.

smartMonday's 2 investment options:


Which lets you pick how your money is invested.


An investment strategy you’ll be automatically enrolled into if you don’t want to actively engage in investment decisions.



With 30+ options you can pick 'n' mix your own portfolio.

We’ve got a chunky list of active and passive investments for those of you who are more of the ‘hands on’ type.

More information on investment types is available here.

Fees Base fees for Allianz staff On $50K balance you’d pay...
Member fee $94.56 $94.56
Administration fee* 0.50% 0.31% rebate $155.00 refund
Investment fee* 0.53% $265
Indirect cost ratio* 0.03% $15
Total Cost   $219.56

Allianz staff who are members of smartMonday would save $405 a year on a $50k balance.

*Balance Growth - Index option


(The default option)


For employees that don't want to actively monitor their investments.

This means we invest for you based on our set’n’forget MySuper design, which auto adjusts based on your age.

Starting with up to 90% in growth assets moving to 70% allocation to defensive assets later on.


Defensive Includes Australian and global fixed interest. Typically earn lower long-term returns/ lower risk of loss.

High Growth Consists mainly of shares & property. Higher long-term returns/higher risk of loss.

* These June 2019 returns are based on the proportion of the MySuper High Growth and the MySuper Defensive returns for the relevant period that applies to the MySuper portfolio allocation at the indicative ages."


  Base fees for Allianz staff On $50K balance you’d pay...
Member fee $94.56 $94.56
Administration fee 0.53% 0.28% $140.00
Investment fee 0.24% $120.00
Indirect cost ratio 0.07% $35
Total Cost   $389.56

Allianz staff who are members of smartMonday would save $125 a year on a $50k balance.


At smartMonday we've got you covered with our range of insurance options:

  • Death cover
  • Total and permanent disablement (TPD) insurance
  • Income protection insurance

Premiums are typically calculated using collective factors, gender, salary, age and occupation category but if you join you'll receive a plan outline with the Allianz specifics.

Insurance Calculator

Calculate the insurance cost for Death, Total and Permanent Disability and Income Protection


Insurance Calculator

Select the amount of Death Cover you'd like


Select the amount of TPD Cover you'd like


Insurance Calculator

Benefit Period
Waiting Period

Insurance Calculator

All done! Check out your Premium & Payout below.

Annual cost Insured amount
Death {{ calcDeathAnnualCost }} {{ calcDeathInsuredAmount }}
TPD {{ calcTPDAnnualCost }} {{ calcTPDInsuredAmount }}
Income Protection {{ calcIncomeProtectionAnnualCost }} {{ calcIncomeProtectionInsuredAmount }}
Want to chat about your insurance? Call a smartCoach

+ Action

Included in your membership

Personal trainers for your super

Think of our smartCoaches as your own personal trainer when it comes to advice relating to your smartMonday contributions, insurance and investments in the marathon that is retirement adequacy.

Personal face-to-face financial fitness sessions

Transforms attitude to money onsite at national Allianz location.

Free phone service for when you need it most

Access to counselling and home care services including legal and personal tax advice.

Interested in learning more?

We're not your average fund. Learn more about our name, and our mindset.

Ready to catch the smartMonday wave?

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